Connecting to the sub discord server.

If you wish to join the discord server then please follow the steps below.

If you haven't done so already then head over to and create a account.
Don't worry about downloading the desktop app just yet. You can get that later. For now we will do things within the website browser.
When you have registered your account and you are logged in, you will need to connect to the server.

To join discord as a guest, all you need to do is click the link below and you will be granted access.

If you have just subscribed you can use the link above to join the discord as a guest and then you will need to follow the steps below to become authenticated.
Please note that if you have just subscribed then you may not be able to authenticate right away.
It sometimes takes about 30 minutes' from the time that you subscribe to the time that you can connect on discord.
This is because Twitch and Discord still live in the dark ages and use pigeons to talk to each other. This results in a delay between discord knowing that you are a sub.
So with that been said lets get you started.

At the bottom left click on the cog icon to go to the settings page.

Next click on "Connections" and then "Twitch"

Now you need to connect your Twitch to Discord. To do this just enter your Twitch Username and Password and login. You will then be asked to authorise Discord to use your Twitch account.

Now that your Twitch is connected to discord you should be able to see "KibertonFactory" with the message "Join Server"
Click "Join Server" and you will be connected.

If this fails to connect or it does not show in your list then you may need to wait a while and try again. If after 1 hour you still can't connect then you will need to contact Discord or Twitch.

Now that you are connected to my server you should see the following Text Chat Rooms and Voice Chat Rooms
I think you can all guess on how to use these.

If you require any help please ask in one of the channels.

Please Note: We have rules that you must follow when using the Discord server.

1. No foul language. (swearing is bad, so dont do it)
2. No advertising. (advertising your youtube, twitch, twitter or facebook is not allowed)
3. You can post links to photos, amazon, ebay ect.
4. Racism/sexism/homophobia or hate towards me or others will not be tolerated.
5. Show respect to everyone in the chat. That means EVERYONE.
6. No Spamming messages.
7. English language is the only language to be used in chat.
8. No sexual content AT ALL.
9. No politics or religion.
10. Have fun
11. You are not to discuss other bans or timeouts from ANY channel on Twitch or other service. If you were banned from a channel then you need to contact the channel owner.
12. If you are found to be talking about any bans or timeouts on this discord you will be warned 1st, If you continue then you will be removed from the discord for 24 hours.
13. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing.
14. Posts will be deleted under mod's discretion if found to be inappropriate for the server.

Please Note: These rules can change so check back here often.

ALWAYS follow Rule 10.

If you see or hear anything that you are not happy with. Please contact a Moderator or Staff